Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

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  1. That MAC is amazing, Disco! Is that one a sample?
  2. You know, I've never seen anyone with one, and it never occurred to me that it could be a sample bag. I bought it last year brand new on the Bonz. I know this patterned leather came out the summer before in 2010, but I don't know if only a few of these MACs were made? In the old RM videos, she shows this leather in a Beloved, but I've never seen anyone wear/post pics of that one either. I have the Black & Blue Croc Rocker that came out in 2010 during that time too, but that rocker I bought on Bonz last fall. It doesn't say sample on the tag, it says "made in china". it's such a beautiful, structured and durable bag. The more I've been wearing her, the softer the croc is beginning to feel. I love her. She just might be a small sample bag.
  3. Disco- I am in LOVE with your bag! I also love your outfit, especially your scarf! Cute! :smile:
  4. ;):p
  5. Super cute Delta! Is that a red or pink? I can't tell from the pic. Either way I love it! :heart:
  6. The hw looks great against the rich color! Your toes are cute too!

  7. Thank so much!!! :hugs:

    The scarf is Calvin Klein from Nordstrom's Rack for about $15 on super sale!
  8. cute...i love shots from the lap!
  9. salamat sa'yo.... superb ang mga bag collections mo huh! keep posting Ok!
  10. thankyou Sweetie...
  11. thankyou...:heart::heart::heart:
  12. Green is really a great color on you, travelers!! I always love your Pine City and the Emerald MAB is spectacular on you, too! :graucho:
  13. Hey! Another Filipina in the house! Thank you Delta! :hugs:

    Thank you AJ! Ooh, the leather on the Pine City is inexplicable and the Emerald MAB is such a classic!
  14. Went to "Max's Restaurant" with Magenta Croc trim MAM to pay the downpayment for my youngest's 1st birthday...

    ...then I went to "Let's Face It" to have a facial/mani/pedi :smile:

  15. Black MAM is heading to Orlando today for a business trip, which includes a behind the scenes tour at Disney. She's quite excited about meeting Mickey!