Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

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  1. LOVE THIS! :love:
  2. Going out with my BBW w/ red zip track and Matte hardware MAM

  3. Mmmmm.... Red zipper track! Love your tatt too ;)
  4. Looking good!! I can't believe how broken in your bag looks brand new! Love!
  5. Great outfit! Great bag!! You look fantastic!
  6. You look gorgeous and your MAM is outstanding!! :woohoo:
  7. Thank you ladies :hugs:

    This bag is just absolutely amazing! It truly came perfectly broken-in. I usually don't do large bags in black because I find them boring. But this is just sooo special!

  8. LOVELY AS ALWAYS!!! that top is sooo pretty! i love that color on u traveler!! iguana MAM is a diva like her mama!!! :biggrin:

  9. stunning!!!!!!!!! i love your whole outfit kiwi!! plum MAM is definitely the icing on the cake!!
  10. u look GORGEOUS snakey!! that color looks perfect on u!! love the whole outfit and of course the BBW MAM w/ BR zipper track!!!
  11. Love the plum MAM! I am so happy all the tPFers are scooping them up (including myself :p). It truly is gorgeous and so are you. Love the pics.

    You look beautiful in purple! Love your new MAM. Looks perfect with your outfit. I can only imagine what your co-workers think of you. They must say, "She's beautiful, she works hard, she's a great mom and she always matches her beautiful bags to her outfits~ She's superwoman!"

    BEAUTIFUL! You always look so pretty! Great dress and shoes. I wish I could walk in those but i'd need a crash course in how to not fall. I'm such a tomboy. :p And your MAM looks awesome. I can't believe she's already 'smiling'! :ps:
  12. More love for your outfit and MAM! You look totally cute, snakey! I echo Tara's words in I would totally not be able to walk in shoes like that. I just cannot do high heels.
  13. You look awesome, snakey! I love your dress (love the color, too!!), shoes and, of course, your MAM!
  14. snakey! You look amazing! I love everything - the nails, dress, shoes, ring... and yes, that mam!

    Thank you Cee! The top was a gift from my brother some years ago which I have never worn at alll! lol... I can't believe I wore it just now :smile:

    Thank you Tara, you seriously make me blush :smile:
  15. Kiwi.....Love yor MAM!