Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!

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  2. tgp - Glad you're get the Minkette-of-the-Year award clutching your DT MAM on your hospital bed.
  3. AWWWW. . . love your new avatar Knas!!!
  4. knas - lookin' casual chic, girl!
  5. knas, the new avatar is cute!!! You look great :smile: Hope you had fun!
  6. TGP: OMG! I got scared at first when I saw the pic til I read your comments~ Too funny gripping your MAM!!!

    Knas: Love the new avatar! Hope your wedding day was dreamy!!! :love:
  7. Thanks guys! Cooper it was very dreamy!!
  8. holy crap! before i read your description/comment...i seriously thought u were badly injured girlie!

    then i read the comment and i was like "OH THANK GOD she's ok! :smile:" lol

  9. knas, love your new avatar picture & you look great with your Rocker!
  10. love that first look! and i love your hair! what hair products do you use? i can never get my curls to stay!
  11. Thanks Besa!! You know I carried my white croc K&MU during the reception of my wedding. I wonder if there are any shots of me with it? :thinking:
  12. TGP - I'm glad you are alright!
    Knas - Congratulations on your wedding!
  13. You crack me up P!! Lol!! Love it!!!

    K love your casual look. And LOVE your avatar. Congrats and i wish you all the happiness!!
  14. Thanks ghall. :hugs:
  15. Thanks everyone!

    And thanks G! :smile: