Pictures of you and your RM in Action... 3!!


The K Is Silent
Apr 23, 2007

OMG, TGP that picture shows that you are truly bag obsessed!!! I am glad you are ok, and that your manboy was gracious enough to capture that pic for you! lol

My pic isn't nearly as dramatic, lol. My black perfo rocker today... on my way to my godson's 4th bday party.



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TGP: OMG! I got scared at first when I saw the pic til I read your comments~ Too funny gripping your MAM!!!

Knas: Love the new avatar! Hope your wedding day was dreamy!!! :love:
holy crap! before i read your description/comment...i seriously thought u were badly injured girlie!

then i read the comment and i was like "OH THANK GOD she's ok! :smile:" lol

Got rear ended in a car accident yesterday, and all the doctors' offices were closed or they wouldn't take me because I didn't have the right insurance so I found myself at the ER for a quick check up to make sure I was okay and to document that I went to see a doctor...

It sounds bad, but I'm not going to lie, I kind of got a kick out of going to the ER. They gave me this crazy neck brace to wear because they assume the worst. And I got a hospital bed! It was surprisingly comfortable!

I couldn't resist snapping a photo.

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Soro- you look like you were having a great time! The MAB is gorgeous, of course!

bella- love the whole look! The Brian Atwoods are TDF!

bella22- everytime I see a bag in wine, I want one!! :graucho: Looks great on you!

I recently found the perfect pair of boots, my first ever pair b/c I've never been able to find anything that fits and flatters my legs. So, I had a little mini fashion show for myself :P to see all the use I'm going to get out of them, and of course included a RM in every pic! I'm thinking of buying the black ones too, any thoughts about having multiples of the same boot?


jacket from Zara with almond stud nikki


jacket from Ann Taylor Loft with yellow ostrich rendezvous clutch


more Ann Taylor Loft on top with my go-to bag at the moment, almond quilted MAC

love that first look! and i love your hair! what hair products do you use? i can never get my curls to stay!