Pictures of you and your Gaucho double flap?

  1. I did a search and only brought up the one thread with J-Lo and Sienna wearing the Double Flap Gaucho!

    Do any of you ladies have pics of you and your Gaucho double?

    Even if it is just a picture of the bag next to another bag or other object (toaster/cat/throw pillow) :p so I can assess the actual size of this bag.

    Thank you so much!!! :flowers: :flowers:
  2. haha - I found some pictures and decided to order the black double saddle from Neiman online.

    It should be here tomorrow or Monday - If it is too big then I will just send it back for an exchange. I figured if it is not too big for Sienna then it is not too big for me. :p
  3. Congrats on your order!:yahoo: Please post pics once you receive it!!
  4. The gaucho arrived today! I was really hoping to NOT like it; since a Dior Rebel followed me home from Neimans this wknd. :shame:

    BUT: I love the Double Gaucho!! It is NOT big at all - I haven't put my stuff in it yet; because I am working (well I am surfing PF while at work) - the "stuff" test will determine if I am keeping the Gaucho - but, I must say I really like this bag!! It is definitely a see it to believe type of bag. :love:
  5. Wow congrats Loganz! Please post your pics and you have the rebelle as well? :nuts: :love: The rebelle has really grown on me these past few months! Would love to have one.
  6. Here is the rebel and gaucho sunnies: (i feel like instead of congrats, condolences are in order - that is if my DH gets ahold of the NM bill). :shame:

    The Rebel is an awesome bag - I love how it is lined in suede and has a zipper pouch; as well as, two pocket pouches on the front inner part of the bag. I am really loving Dior quality and construction!! I am a Dior convert!!! :yahoo:
    IMG_0146.jpg IMG_0147.jpg
  7. Thanks for posting the pics! The gaucho sunnies really look hot :heart: .

    Congrats on your new bag. I think it's gorgeous :wlae:
  8. Wow the Rebel looks stunning (and your Gaucho sunglasses too, of course:biggrin:)

    Congratulations once again!
  9. Thanks Chrystalline and MayDay :flowers:

    I am actually surprised that there are so few Dior addicts on this board, after owning LV, Chloe, Mulberry, and Balenciaga I can honestly say that the Dior bags I have bought are the most comfortable, practical, and well made bags out there. :smile:

    It is official - we must covert others to the Diorside. :graucho:

  10. i think there are a lot more of them - they just work pretty darn hard as i am at the moment and have no time to pop to forum - to get money for new Dior bags of course ! :yes:

  11. of course...I surf PF while at work, so I guess that means I work hard at procrastinating work. :p
  12. Yeah I was surprised to find very few Dior Addicts too. I think it may come from the fact that this is a purse forum and Dior is better known for their wacky ready-to-wear (and even their Haute Couture, of which only 13 companies are "allowed" to make). Most people also (sadly) assume that all Dior bags (or at least most of them) are monogrammed, which isn't true but with the number of people who dislike flashing logos, the assumption makes people think that Dior bags are taboo.

    In any case, I :heart: Dior and only wish that more people would love this wonderful brand with quality products!
  13. wow! thanks loganz, for posting those pictures up! the rebelle looks as delicious as ever. thanks to your pictures, i'm reconsidering getting the rebelle now. :graucho:

    and those sunnies!!! :heart::drool: they look absolutely killer.

    and ITA with May.

  14. Thank you Zerodross!! I hope you do give the rebelle a second look - it really is a fabulous bag! I am enjoying it very much! :smile: