Pictures of you and your Ergo please?


Mar 23, 2007
Buffalo, New York
I'm trying to decide on a new bag and I like the look of the Signature Ergo but I heard some people say it's stiff and hard to carry?

What are your opinions on this?

And I kinda like the scarf print ones too so if you have any pictures of any of these please post! Thanks!

Here's the sizes I like.

Ergo Tote

Smaller Hobo

Large Ergo Hobo


Feb 14, 2007
I have the medium Ergo in leather, and it's wonderful! The bag stays nicely on my shoulder, it holds a ton, and it slouches really well after some use. The signature fabric, of course, may be a little different.

(Please excuse the poor photography. This is when it was brand new)