Pictures of you and RM in ACTION!

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  1. I saw this thread in Louis Vuitton and thought it might be nice to have it here in our RM forum as well.

    I can't post a modelling picture yet, because my first RM is on her way (pre order).
    Anyway.. i love to see pictures of all RM bags, especially when it is a modelling picture.

    Don't be shy and post pictures of you and your wonderful bag here..

    (And for the members who can't decide between a MAM and MAB due to the size of the bags or their height .. this thread might be a solution)
  2. Great thread idea!
  3. yes Gung.. im expecting at least 7 modelling pics of you :yes::yahoo::P
    strike the pose!
  4. Girl, Im more of a behind the scenes kind of gal! Let me get my bravery cape on and maybe, just maybe!
  5. this thread also accept photoshopped/editted pictures..
  6. I'll be taking my Tangy Mamie down to Florida/Disney for the weekend... I'll see if I can get DH to snap a modelling shot of the Mouse, the Tang and I.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. ^^does that mean my fat a** has to take modeling pics?! Man i REALLY want to take modeling pics and be on the "girls" section of RM... that would be fun.
  9. :tup: I can't imagine you have fat @ss! :nogood:

    I don't ever post personal pics of myself on line scary ex boyfriend issue!!! I will one of these days post my collection!! Once I receive everything!! I love the post it threads though!!!!
  10. Yay what a wonderful idea! I would love to see modeling posts.
  11. Good idea!!! This is one of my favorite threads over at the Bal section!! C'mon ladies!!! I can't wait for modelsing shots!!
  12. Where are all the ACTION photos at ladies? :smile: I want to see how you all normally carry your bags. The suspense of whether it is over the shoulder or on your arm is killin' me!
  13. I am in no way model like...but I have no shame here I go...

    MAM Night Blue...the bag is only about a month and a half old so I don't have many pics with it yet. This was last weekend before heading out the door for an afternoon outing in Philly. My boyfriend randomly wanted to take a picture of me, so it's just me standing in the house. On occasion I will put it on my shoulder, but normally I carry it the way I am in the pic. I tried to find pictures from my MAM's first ever outing to a birthday in Atlantic City, but whoever tooks pictures that night took them of the upper half of people and my bag was cut off in every one!!

  14. Fendi! Very cute! I absolutely adore the night blue! awesome!
  15. Aw thanks...I hope this breaks the ice!! Would love to see the various pics of some of the RM veterans and their large collections to help me decide on future purchases.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.