Pictures of whiskey Paddington!!!

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  1. This is my sister-in-laws bag. I am getting mine in Feb. Thought you would enjoy seeing the new color!:love:
    whiskey 001.jpg whiskey 003.jpg whiskey 009.jpg whiskey 020.jpg whiskey 024.jpg
  2. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
  3. I want that so badly now... Drools... If only I can get a hold of a large one *sigh*
  4. Btw, does anybody knows the color difference between the tan and whiskey paddy?
  6. The third picture I posted, the close up, is the true color of the bag.:P
  7. So pretty! I am so tempted to track one down and buy it. Neither Nordstrom nor Neiman Marcus here in Orlando carry Chloe, but I know the NM in Tampa does. Someone restrain me :shame:
  8. I still like the red wine one the best! So I would still go for that one if I were to choose one. They are both rich in color, but I love that red one!:P
  9. Yeah, when (and if!) I buy one, it will most likely be the red one. Whiskey is my second choice, then chocolate brown. I also like the smaller size more than the medium one, I'm into smaller bags. But the medium one is a good size, so I'd be happy with either one!

    Do you mind if I set the pics of yours (or your SIL's) as my wallpaper? j/k :P If I do that I won't be able to stop staring at it and will have to go buy one :lol:
  10. LOL:lol: what ever get's you through the night!:lol:
  11. Although I prefer chocolate brown leather for paddingtons, the whiskey amplifies the "wow" factor. Maybe it's because I have darker hair.

    In general, do you guys think whiskey is better than tan?
  12. This is only my a long shot!
  13. How do you think i got my hubby to agree on my bag? hahaha ... i set the pic as a background on my laptop and left it open all day :P he was like if i get it for you will you stop talking about it?? hahahha

    i used to love the tan better (never seen it in real life though) but when i saw the whiskey i just drooled!!! i just had to have it ... i love the color of my bag and i dont think i would love teh tan as much :smile: this goes with everything ... not too light and not too dark :smile:
  14. :lol: If I did that to his laptop my bf would not be very happy! He's a computer person ;) He also doesn't understand the handbag obsession. We were at Nordstrom yesterday and I was looking around in the bag section... he practically had to yank me out of there so we could finish our Christmas shopping :P
  15. Hi all!

    My first post here. Being a long time Balenciaga bag owner, I finally went for it and pre-ordered the whiskey paddington. A lot of the pics I saw of the whiskey was so orangey and bright.

    Thanks for sharing your pics! I don't feel as much doubt now about the color :amuse:
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