Pictures of vert d'eau ??

  1. i`m wanting this bag pretty bad, SO FAR..
    i just want to see if anybody has any pictures, so i can make absolutely sure this is what i want :yes:.

    Also, does anybody know the retail, and availability of this bag?
    thanks girls!
  2. :drool::drool: WOW. amazing bags!

    i have a question.. does the vert d'eau come with giant hardware only? and does it only come in Gold hardware?
  3. It also comes in the regular hardware. I know that Aloha Rag has the city size in stock, because I just ordered one!
  4. :nuts:
    i'm looking for a BIG size..
    which is larger,
  5. Weekender is definitely the biggest of the three. Then work, then part time.