Pictures of the WRONG Pine Step :(

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  1. Here is the other post I made:

    Anyway here are the pix. It's hard to totally tell how thin and dry and veiny the bag is. Or maybe you CAN see? I know the scratch is very visible! My SA just called me back and they are overnighting the good one to me and picking up this bad one on Monday! YAY!!!!
    pine4.jpg pine5.jpg pine6.jpg pine1.jpg pine2.jpg
  2. cOngrats Starbrite!!! you Look Great roCkin the PINE!!!
  3. Looks great on you. The scratch would bother me as well. Is there a way to condition the bag so its not so dry? Glad they are overnighting the correct bag.
  4. The scratch is kinda bothersome, but I've seen a lot of bags come with scratches, even when I looked at Barneys. I sort of block it out and say to myself, I'll probably scratch it soon enough, so it's done for you already, no need to jinx yourself. I'm glad their resolving it for you so well and quickly. A+ for service.
  5. Cant wait to see pics of the Right one, im sure she will be beautiful when she arrives!
  6. Yea! Good job!
  7. The pine step looks great on you. I'm glad that you were able to sort things out and have the better one coming.
  8. wow, i saw a rh work pine scratched too this weekend! dang these bag makers and shippers need to be more careful with the bbags....i'm glad you're getting a nicer one!!!
  9. ^ Yeah me too. I am still not COMPLETELY sold on the style of the Step though so I don't know. Maybe when I see one with better leather I will like it more.
  10. oh, I was just going to ask you how you like the step
    I am really considering getting one, what are you seeing as pros and cons?
  11. Oh it's just a TAD small for my liking. I am used to the Work. But it's still really cute. I just don't know if it's as big as I'd like it to be. I personally love big bags but I did recently buy the Chanel Medallion which is on the smaller side and is actually the same type of shape the Step is. Almost like a triangle. Try me again this weekend when I receive the one with the better leather. I will probably like it more so than I do now.
  12. Ohh that scratch is noticeable! Good thing they are resolving it!
  13. I'm glad they are sending you a new one ... that scratch would bother the heck out of me as well! I'm really anal that way! Besides the price we pay for our obsessions we deserve nothing but the best, right?
  14. Glad everything worked out. This pine looks good on you tho!
  15. How frustrating, but I'm glad they're handling it without a hassle for you. I really like the style on you! I have to get off my butt one of these days and go check out the Step myself.