Pictures of the NEWER PINE STEP I received. It's Agneau leather!

  1. Here it is! Much better than the first one they sent me. I am just not sure I am keen on the leather being lamb though. I feel it's so delicate!!! What do you think? Both of the ones they sent me are Agneau. I wonder if a Pine Step was even made in Chevre!



  2. What? It's labeled as lamb? Was the previous one you got also made of lamb, or was it goat?

    Nevermind...I see that you said they were both lamb. Wow..I have been skipping all the threads about lamb/agneau/goat/chevre ... I guess I have some catching up to do!!! :wtf:
  3. The leather looks so soft, and the back marbling does remind me of the '06 leather. Maybe some lubridrem or LMB would strengthen the leather so it doesn't feel so delicate? The color is so beautiful though, I can't stop staring at it. :girlsigh:
  4. very nice, congrats!
  5. I think it's gorgeous! Congrats! Love the distressing!

    I don't think the lamb is as delicate as people might think. Afterall, the difference between the two are so very subtle it seems unless you compare a not so great chevre to the new agneau.
  6. I think it's beautiful. Congrats!
  7. gorgeous i can really see a difference in the leathers between this and the "wrong" one!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! A keeper, for sure!
  9. geez all this leather confusion! but either one, the pine looks great! congrats! its does look really soft and delicate though...
  10. It's a beautiful color but I honestly don't like that heavily distressed almost marbled effect. It reminds me of some of the spring '06 bags. I like distressing but not when it is almost like an animal print. Lots of people like that, so if you like the bag, that's what matters. Everyone on here has certain things that bother them and certain things they love. A couple heavy coats of Apple conditioner will smooth those out. :smile:
  11. I think it's gorgeous leather - the 06 marbelling had WHITE SPOTTING/VEINING that had nothing to do with the actual wrinkles of distress. It was like the dye didn't even go on evenly. There were spots that were white that weren't even wrinkled, if that makes any sense. Check out 99% of the bleu glacier bags and you'll see what I mean (not sure BG was 06, but those bags tended to have that leopard look - YOURS DOESN'T, imo).

    That pine step is beautiful!!!!!!
  12. congrats! enjoy your gorgeous pine. love the leather on it!
  13. yum!
  14. and because I can't get enough pine, here's my pine in goat:
    pinedoorRS.jpg pine3.jpg pine3back.jpg