Pictures of the new addition: Black Classique

  1. As promised, here's the bag I probably should have begun with in the first place... the classic Black First! Because I'm soooo impatient I didn't wait to find a past year and got a new one. But I did ask for nice leather, which I think I got :yahoo: The bottom is a bit veiny but I figure Lubriderm will cure that. Plus, I like the brass hardware!

    There's a family photo too with the Cornflower classique, although it is bittersweet as she is being sent to the UK tomorrow morning :crybaby:Farewell, Cornflower! Hello... Ink?

    p.s. I'm sitting here noticing how the Cornflower looks so yummy in that last photo. Please do not comment on this or I will be thrown into a bad state of seller's remorse that I cannot afford ($literally$) to go into! :Push:
  2. Your black First looks a treat! Congrats! I just love the funkiness of black Bbags! They do have a certain 'tude.
  3. aww TTucker! I think you made the right choice! :yes: beautiful and perfect! She'll last you a lifetime! congrats on a beautiful bag! :party:
  4. your black first looks great.
    i LOVE black b-bags!
  5. ^^ Thanks so much! It's not as purty as your awesome 03 but I still :heart: her!
  6. A great addition! Very versatile and a bag that you will love for many, many years! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  7. Beautiful bag and I can't help but notice your cute Avatar. Are they shelties or collies? I can't tell from the photo.
  8. Awwww, you noticed my boys! That's Presley and Picasso, our "rescue" shelties. They were both orphans and we adopted them. They're our babies! That picture is from the beach. Here's another :tender::
  9. Congrats TTucker! She's a beaut!

  10. oh, this whole time i thought they were collies!
    your doggies are so cute!!
  11. i love both your bbags and the black one definitely a keeper yummy!!
  12. First, I love Presley & Picasso. They are beautiful and lucky pups and you are so sweet to have taken them in. Breed Rescue organizations are so wonderful. Second, your black First is a stunner!! Can't wait to see the Ink! :smile:
  13. hey TTucker 0o0o0o love ur new b-bag!!! thanks for posting up pics!!!
  14. gorgeous! the leather looks really thick!
  15. TTucker
    Congrats!! It's a beautiful bag. You won't regret it ;) :heart: