Pictures of the many shades of my Ink Twiggy.. let's have Ink pics please

  1. Ok here's mine, post your ink pictures :yes:

    1st -sun
    2nd- sun
    pic003v2.jpg pic004v2.jpg pic021v2.jpg pic022v2.jpg
  2. 6th-flash
    7th-inside no flash
    8th-halogen lights
    9th- flash and halogen
    10th-inside by sunny window no flash
    pic026v2.jpg pic038v2.jpg
  3. 11th-sun
    12th-inside no flash
    14th- instant heart attack if I drop her in the ocean :P
    pic043v2.jpg pic045v2.jpg
  4. AWWW... i shall take photos too.. u look so happy!!.. so cute!
  5. Powerpuff your ink looks amazing! Did you add any product to the leather?

    Here is my ink first!:heart:
    DSC00634.jpg DSC00640.jpg
  6. So cool!! You do look really happy. You are brave to hold that bag over the water. Here are some pics of my ink city. With flash and no flash.
    bal4.jpg bal5.jpg balfrontflash.jpg
  7. WOW more beautiful inks Cilla and Meemie. :yahoo: Yes, I always do 2 applications of Apple Conditioner to all of my bags. I don't spray the dark ones with the Apple Guard but I do the light colored ones. I do the same with my leather seats in my car. Leather gets dry and I think it looks better moisturized, just as my face does. Not that I am comparing my face to leather, not yet anyway. :P
  8. Very nice!
  9. Thank you! Your ink's leather looks so good I am off to finally buy some Apple conditioner online!:yes:
  10. I :heart: all of your inks! Here's some pics of my ink classique:

    Balenciaga Ink Classique 1WTMK.JPG Balenciaga Ink Classique 2WTMK.JPG Balenciaga Ink Classique 3WTMK.JPG Balenciaga Ink Classique 4WTMK.JPG Balenciaga Ink Classique 5WTMK.JPG
  11. I just received my ink twiggy from Barneys. Mine looks more purple and veiny than all the pics posted. Will product help or should I exchange it? I'll post some pics tomorrow....
  12. LOL - I love the pics, b-bag sistas!!!

    BUT, ekekek, its making me feel the PAIN - I'd love to get an INK!!! hehehe
  13. After the Rouge Vif Ink thread :yahoo: !!!!

    Thanks Powder :flowers: !!!!
    We can see all the variations of this cameleon color
    in a single place !!!

    So here is my contribution : Ink Purse :love: !!!
    Only one day old :drool: !!!!
    (pics with flash sun in Paris in November:sad: )
    Purse Ink SS06.jpg Purse Ink 1 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 3 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 2 SS06.jpg Purse Ink 4 SS06.jpg
  14. All of your bags look so smushy, I need to find a smushy Balenciaga!