Pictures of the LV store in Atlantic City New Jersey

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Ooh I'd love to work in one of those :biggrin:
  3. Its a beautiful store. Everything is out and you dont have to ask a SA to show you anything. :yahoo:
  4. Oh my! I think I just made a mess on my chair:shame:

    I am surprised they let you take pictures!

    Happy birthday BTW CrazyBagLady!
  5. Great pictures!! I love the case with all the speedies!:love:
  6. very nice! i can smell the vachetta! thanks for sharing!
  7. yeah i am surprised that no one said anything about taking the pics. i would love to take pictures in the store too! thanks for sharing!
  8. thanks! I dont think they saw me take them!
  9. Of the two bags sitting in the center island, what is the one in the front? I like that one a lot.
  10. hey! that's my closet :lol:
  11. AHHH so that's what heaven looks like
  12. Is that front bag the nomade lockit:smile:
  13. I was there last weekend but didn't go to the store. Maybe next time!
  14. I just came back from Atlantic City recently, I didn't know there was an LV store there. If I would have know that.....:biggrin:
  15. wow.. thanks for the picture!
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