Pictures of the Leather Sherise sent me.

  1. The first is so beautiful! For those who like the veiny look, the City is still available for purchase! Free ship and NO taxes. Yea!!! :yahoo:
    city-detail.JPG first detail.JPG
  2. i prefer the second.
  3. thanks for posting the pics becca. what a difference between the two!
  4. That is the leather of the "First" (the one I purchased). I tried buying a First before but sold it because it was too small. This one is going to be a keeper though; especially now that my husband and I actually get to go on "dates" now. :smile:
  5. Congrats on getting the first!! Post more pics when you get it!
  6. Great bag! I don't think you can go wrong with Ink!
  7. Congratulations!!!! :party:
  8. good job!
  9. No, this is Blueberry! :P
  10. Congrats Becca. It looks beautiful. The color looks gorgeous too and I love the First style (it is a perfect 'Date' bag!).
  11. becca, just saw your post above that it is the blueberry. so, you decided to give it a go... while waiting for the indigo. congrats to you!:flowers: the leather on the first is so much better. enjoy!
  12. What is the second picture?
  13. The first picture is of the Blueberry City that Sherise has in stock and the second picture is the Blueberry First that I purchased from Sherise today; I was torn between the two so the store sent me close up pics of the leather.
  14. i've noticed the "firsts" have nicer leather than all the other bags.
  15. hmmmmmmmmmm, blueberry!!!!