Pictures of the cosmetics pouch!

  1. I relented and took pictures of my cosmetics pouch I got yesterday :P ...geez, you guys are so hard to please. :smile: Here they are; sorry the pics are tiny! The original sizes have really high resolution, so I had to really shrink them in order for me to upload them here. I hope someone finds these helpful...

    1st pic: New cosmetics pouch for petit bucket
    2nd pic: New cosmetics pouch (left) versus the older one (right) - You can't really tell, but the newer one is slightly bigger than the older one. I tried to get different angles of this to show, but I lack camera skills. :Push:
    3rd pic: Interior of new cosmetics pouch (regular canvas)
    4th pic: Interior of old cosmetics pouch (vuittonite)
    5th pic: What I keep in my old cosmetics pouch (a lot of chapsticks and lipsticks)

    I'm thinking about bringing my bucket to the boutique so I can have the new pouch as a cute little clutch! I love how it has 2 d-rings.

    cos1.jpg cos2.jpg cosmetic3.jpg cosmetic4.jpg cosmetic5.jpg
  2. Here's another picture of how the new cosmetics pouch compares to a pochette accessories and a cles.
  3. Congrats! She's darling!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Thanks! I don't know what I should do, though, because I really like the new bag smell!
  6. Are you going to have LV attach the chain to each side of the d rings on the older one to use as a small bag, or have them remove the chain entirely to use it as a clutch? Just curious.....
  7. Congrats ! :yes:
  8. Congrats and thanks for the size comparison. Very nice!
  9. Wait question. Is the newer pouch the same size as the mini pochette.
  10. cuuute
  11. Thanks, everyone!

    Mickloisme - I think I'm going to have them detach the one I have on my bag already. No need to spend 70 on a new one! :smile:

    evolkatie - I don't have the mini pochette accessories, so I wouldn't know. But I get the impression they're roughly the same size.
  12. Thanks for the photos! I have been thinking of buying one.
  13. I think it raised by $10 because I paid $150 for it (everybody else seemed to pay $140). I think you should get it! :graucho:
  14. Looks Good :yes: (Purse ban you) Ha! me too LOL! Anyhooo did did happen to ask if mandarin is still around? Do NOT get addicted to the new will have to purchase all new bags!:graucho:
  15. Great comparison pictures, thank you! I've been wanting one of these too.. hmm... ;)