Pictures of the Caribbean.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm officially back from the week long vacation. The trip was a blast. However, i did miss my bed and my computer (where i can go to the PF).
    Attached are some pix. Enjoy!
  2. can't seem to post the pix :huh:
  3. Welcome back .....there is nothing attached
  4. Hmm you can't hotlink from Kodak directly. Try the attachment function of the board. Or email me the pictures, I will resize them for you.
  5. thanx Vlad.
  6. Lets hope this will work
    CruiseMay06 455.jpg CruiseMay06 312.jpg CruiseMay06 288.jpg CruiseMay06 277.jpg CruiseMay06 268.jpg
  7. Wow, beautiful!!!! :love:

    Thanks for posting the pictures and welcome back Vuittongirl
  8. Wow, beautiful pics!!!! I have never been and it looks awesome!!
  9. what a beautiful place!!!!
    can't wait for the summer....:nuts::huh:
  10. beautiful! Where'd you go?
  11. Thanks guys.... It took me quite a while to post those pix. Our cruise stopped by 3 islands: St. Thomas (USVI), St. Maarten, and the Bahamas.
  12. ahhhh! DH is bugging me to travel this summer, I've been begging for a Caribbean trip. We honeymooned in St. Lucia and it was TDF!!!!!
    NOTHING beats warm Caribbean aqua water!
  13. Looks Beautiful .......Did u pick up any souvenirs??
  14. gorgeous pics wish i was there
  15. wow, how beautiful! would you go back again or pick someplace new?
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