Pictures of the auburn Brynne

  1. I ummed and aahed so much about getting an auburn Brynne, not really sure if I'd like the color. Finally a great deal came up on eBay from a fellow TPFer which I just couldn't pass up. I think the photos capture the true auburn color of the bag. I just love it.
    Kooba Brynne - Auburn.JPG Kooba Brynne - Auburn 2.JPG
  2. absolutely beautiful dahhling! :drool:
  3. Oh my! Is the auburn really that red? If so, I want one too!!! That is gorgeous, Mini!!!
  4. OMG! that is gorgeous. I love the red color. I want one too. I thought it was more brown.
  5. Wow, I'm surprised. I had no idea that it was such a vibrant shade of red. It certainly is a beauty! Auburn Brynne....hmmmmm....
  6. pretty pics! And it looks so nice and sunny there is SA!
  7. Woah ladies.... in certain lights it looks red and it was a particularly sunny day when I took the pics. When I first took it out of the box (indoors) it definitely looked more brown, but then it had the reddish cast when I took it outside. So, don't expect a bright red, it isn't, it's definitely more auburn brown rather than red, but it's definitely one of my fave Kooba colors.
  8. I know how beautiful this color is, Mini.

  9. LSR, you were so right when you encouraged me to go for auburn. It truly is an unbelievable color. I should listen you you more often, you have great taste.
  10. that is so beautiful, but I want it to be red like it looks in the pictures not brown. I have enough brown. I really want to start hunting for one of these but I don't want brown.....
  11. Dyannek, this is definitely a different brown to what we're used to with other Kooba bags. I have a java Jessie and Paige, a bourbon Ada, tobacco Ginger and the mocha Renee, but the auburn Brynne is totally different, it's definitely more reddish in color. I just love it. Now if only I could find a black Brynne it would complete my collection.
  12. She looks lovely hanging there in the sun! :yes:
  13. What a beautiful color. Congrats and enjoy her in good health.
  14. Whew! Thats red and BEE-EAUTIFUL! Congrats.....thats really attractive