Pictures of the $280 NM Louboutin shoes

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  1. Hi! I just received my shoes and snapped some quick (and bad) pictures for you guys to see. It is made of suede. Mine is size 7 and in black. Feels like 3 inches heel.
    1c.jpg 2c.jpg 3c.jpg 4c.jpg 5c.jpg
  2. Wait?! They aren't slingbacks???? OMG I MAY BE EVEN HAPPIER! LOL

    They are supposed to be slingbacks, I'm confused. LMAO
  3. oooh cutttee

    But wasnt the original pic slingbacks?
  4. OH YEA? I thought something looked off! Well, the receipt said $280, so it must be another NM error. I am confused too.
  5. Hmmm. I guess we will have to wait to see what the others receive. Hold on maybe until others get theirs tomorrow or Thursday and then if you want the slingbacks (if they sent you the wrong item), then they should send them to you.

    What is the item number on your invoice?
  6. It is alright, I like this pair better than the slingbacks anyway.
  7. isn't it supposed to be slingback? i'm confused...please someone clarify for us now!! heehee
  8.'re so lucky..btw, how does the 7 feel? do u usully wear 37? i usually wear 36.5? thx
  9. Yah I would rather have the ones you have too. I think they are more versatile. Can't wait now for what surprises show up. lol
  10. Ok, looks like I got Yoyo suede pumps instead of the slingbacks, pre-order for $575. Pictures from NM site.

    Pwecious: I am usually 36.5 also, but the 37 fits fine.
  11. i wonder if they are sending us the cheaper one to make up for it. Did you ask them about it?

    It looks nice, btw!
  12. Holy crap, those are hot! I hope I get those too! lol
  13. These shoes are seriously going to give me high blood pressure. I have never been so anxious! lol
  14. WOw, they are really messing up, huh? I want mine now!
  15. OMG, this is crazy, can't wait to see which ones I get....the pumps would actually be better for me anyway, this has certainly been an adventure!