Pictures of Stanley..dressed up.

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  1. I love Target..found both these pieces there. Stanley loves dressing up. Anyone know what websites I can use to find more outfits for cats? Thanks in advance.
    mr.stan1.JPG elephantstanley.JPG
  2. I love Stanley. :smile:
  3. He's so handsome
    Aw he has a thumb too!
  4. Thanks! He's actually a polydactyl cat meaning he has 6 toes on his front paws. He's great. :smile:
  5. Aww Stanley looks so handsome! I used to have a cat with 6 front toes, his name was Paws. ;)
  6. What a handsome lil' guy! He must be very well behaved to wear clothes!
  7. ^ Thank you! Well, for the most part he does good..hehe.
  8. that's really neat.
    he looks so cute all dressed up!
  9. Cute! I saw these outfits at Target tonight. I briefly considered getting one, but then realized my cat would most certainly kill me in my sleep if I dressed her up.
  10. Oh my goodness, he just looks so dignified with that tie on!

    Stanley is a stud!