Pictures of Spring Line 2007

  1. Greats Pictures Hope its not a repost... Thanks to
  2. love the pics!
    thank you for posting them :smile:
  3. thanks for posting them! love high res photos...and the pochette is really starting to grow on me...

    i wonder what material the chain is?
  4. Thanks a lot!

    Thankfully, the high res Dentelle isn't doing as much for me as I thought it was in the fuzzier pictures.

    My bank account thanks you!
  5. bah, i want to see pics of all the new mini lin stuff and new dune color...guess i will have to wait another week till it's launched.
  6. Thanks for posting!!!

    I'm not a fan of any of these bags at the moment, but will probably change my mind when I see them IRL? :shrugs:
  7. thanks! :biggrin:
  8. Great pics, thanks for posting them.
    I like the Besace in the gold dentelle:nuts: but think the price will be a bit much.:sad:
  9. Thank you for posting the pics :flowers:
    Unfortunately I am not a fan of them, too funky for me :shame:
  10. Thanks!
  11. wondering about that, too...
  12. Thanks for sharing! Great pics.
  13. whoa the first ones are kinda weird
  14. Thanks for sharing the pics!

    Definitely not a fan of any of the denim...but I loveee the dentelle pochette...still!
  15. Hmm the silver Dentelle looks so white in that picture... reminds me of an old lady a bit. :sad: The gold one I like, but I think I'd like just a bit of lace, not all over... but... maybe it will look different in person. And I just can't figure out that chain on the handle...