Pictures of Speedyssss

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  1. Hey guys! I need ur help. Its my birthday in a few weeks and I've been itching to get a new bag. I have narrowed my choices to mono speedy either 25 or 30 and the gucci horsebit mono (most like brown or the white strap) Any suggestions?

    I am also having trouble deciding weather to get the 25 or 30 for speedy. Does anyone have any pictures with them carrying it? I'm about 5'4-5'5. Everytime I decide one I keep thinking the 25 is too small and then the 30 is too me...:wacko:
  2. Happy early Birthday! Do a search..I think there are some threads already posted w/ people holding their Speedys. Try something to the effect of Speedy Gonzales Club. I think there are pics of people holding them in there.
  3. i like the speedy 25 or the tan gucci horsebit hobo.
    good luck!
  4. I'm the same height you are and I prefer the 30. I got it two months ago, and the other day in Louis Vuitton the display 25 looked so small. Once you get used to it, the 30 isn't so big after all.
  5. I vote for the 30 also. It's one of my most used bags. V
  6. Thanks everyone! I narrowed it down to the 30 but im still not sure whether I should get the horsebit or speedy. Does anyone have the gucci? Is it pretty practical?
  7. Have another quick question! I saw a speedy I was interested in but the pictures of the speedy kinda confused me! I know in the front of the bag the LV symbol is upright "LV" but the back of the speedy, the "LV" symbol is upside down. Is that how the speedys are?
  8. Yes, I think it's that way because LV uses one continuous piece of material -- not broken up at at the bottom -- which causes one side to have upside down LV's.
  9. Yes thats the way the speedys are!
  10. Thanks! Reassured!
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