Pictures of Speedys with Twillies?

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  1. I currently have a DA S30 that I'm considering getting twillies for. I don't like the uneven patina of the handles and am a bit nervous of damaging the leather even further. So I'd love to dress it up with twillies and charms and give it a new look, and hopefully that'll inspire me to take her out and use her more often.

    Can anyone post pics of their Speedys with twillies for inspiration? I've looked around on the forum, but it seems like most people just knot a bow on a handle and not completely wrap the handles.
  2. My DP has 2 Classic Speedies with twillies (don't know if it's clear enough cause I adjusted the pixel to that of an avatar). But I wrap the entire handle cause I hate uneven patina and dark handles 😭
  3. If you are going to put twillies on a speedy, should you buy 2 of the same twillies to put on each of the handles, or 1 is fine?
  4. I like to put two of the same on each handle of the purse, but it really depends on whatever you like!
  5. Here is my 11 year old Speedy 30.

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  6. Thanks :smile:
  7. I made a "mistake" of cleaning the handles of my 19 year old Speedy 25 thus giving it honey patina which I do not prefer my Speedy to have just yet (See her zipper pull and side tab; she arrived to me with light patina at her age). So I just wrapped her handles with twillies 'cause I do not want to ruin it further with dirt.