Pictures of Shoulder Flap No. 11134 in Clay!!!PCE Purchase.

  1. Hi All:

    This is my new Clay shoulder Flap No. 11134 which is very much like last years Ali. It does not have the big pocket in the front but when you lift the flap you have a
    compartment large pocket separated from the larger inside compartment. It has the beautiful Legacy Lining.
    The Clay color is gorgeous and I really love this bag.
    She's a keeper.
    IMG0001_26.jpg IMG0001_27.jpg IMG0001_29.jpg IMG0001_32.jpg
  2. That's beautiful! Congrats on a great it
  3. Definitely a keeper! I love that style and the color - have been wanting something grey for the longest time. You really cleaned up with the new bags - congrats! What is the style number and price?
  4. That is a beautiful color and bag! :smile: Congrats! Is is as big as the Ali?
  5. The style No. is 11134 and the cost is $528. I got it for the PCE with 25% off. I thought it was a good deal.
  6. Congratulations!! That is a great bag and I love that color. In fact I think you and I might be bag twins soon lol. I bought this at the PCE last week:


    but I think I may have to go back and exchange that for the flap, depending on how much of my crap I can fit in there lol
  7. Thanks - DUH - I just noticed you had the style number in your title!
  8. Gorgeous bag and color! Congrats!

    Is the strap (the shoulder drop) the same length as last year's Ali?

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  9. gorgeous! Wondering if I should have gotten this one instead of the shoulder???
  10. That is a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!
  11. Liz,

    Really, really pretty! Do you know if this bag is going to replace the Ali? Has your SA said anything about it?

  12. Gorgeous bag!!
  13. :drool: Me Likey! Me Want! :drool:

    I LOVE the color! What other colors will they make it in?
  14. Wow, I'm glad I finally saw pictures of it being modeled. It is WAY too big for me. Looks great on you though, enjoy it!
  15. Love this!!!