Pictures of Shopper?

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  1. Could anyone help me out with this? I searched on here and came up with zero. I found one pic on the atneff, etc site, but would like to see more. I'd appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the link! It really is large!
  3. Also, I am assuming that Shopping=Shopper?
  4. You're welcome.

    The sides of the bag expand, making it quite large. If you're on the run and are accumulating a lot of things along the way, this would be a great bag because of the expandable sides and the fact that you don't have to worry about a zipper.

    Yes, the shopping = the shopper.
  5. This bag is fabulous! I own a small collection of city bags and wanted to mix it up for a trip with the family to Europe. I found the shopper and have not used one of my city bags in three weeks. Great for loads of stuff and fits over the shoulder even with a coat.