pictures of scrunchy cornflower handles

  1. Here you go gals. As you can see, the handles are VERY scrunchy, especially compared to my 05 skyblue handles. It just feels awful against my fingers.

    Cornflower HANDLES

    My 05 skyblue handles (much smoother)

    Puckering in the back from bad sewing technique?

    The good news is that Elizabeth Thomas is A SWEETHEART and is working with me to either exchange this or return it. She checked her inventory and she mentioned that many of her b-bags have the same scrunchy handles. Weird huh?!
    cornflowerh1.JPG handle.JPG
  2. That is weird. I just went to check my bag and it seems to be ok. Glad to hear that Elizabeth is letting you make an exchange.
  3. Weird, I never saw that b4 on any bbag. Hope it works out for you
  4. Yeah it's so weird, didi... all of my S/S 06 bags including my cornflower is not scrunchy like that....I hope that she can find the one that's not scrunchy...
  5. Gosh, the difference in the pics posted between 05 and 06 is comparison with regard to the leather. I'm glad you'll be able to make an exchange. Good luck.
  6. Actually, my handles seem to have a small amount of scrunchiness (rippling) on the under surface but certainly not to the extent of your Cornflower's. That would feel strange to hold. Glad the seller is such a sweetheart.:smile:
  7. yea, it feels REALLY AWFUL in my hand. and it's really scrunchy like a scrunchy, no exaggeration! I think a small amount would be acceptable, especially if it's underneath, but not this!

    does anyone have puckering from sewing?

    yea, the 05 leather is MUCH thicker. don't know if you guys can tell that the cornflower is very very shiny and thin.

    Yes, elizabeththomas is a sweetheart. she personally inspected ALL of her b-bags and reported them to me. seems like most of her bags have the scrunchiness, but i just sent her pictures so she can compare it with her other bags.
  8. Wow, I see what you mean Didi. That's odd-- I've never seen that before!! It looks brittle, like it's extremely dry or something and has shriveled up (?)

    I dug out pictures of my cornflower handles, just for reference. This was taken right when the bag came out of the box, so there wasn't any conditioning or anything done.
  9. WOAH! I have never seen that before! crazy! my ink city's handles are not like that! frick! no wonder you wanted to exchange... :yes: kudos to the seller for being so cool to help you out w/ an exchange!
  10. thanks for the picture ttucker! your handles look lovely! yea, so i definitely want to exchange not because of the leather (which can definitely be lubed up), but because of the scrunchiness and puckering. creepy huh?!

    I'm glad nobody else has handles like mine!
  11. the puckering looks like the leather was not stretched taut.. it happens to old used bags, when the leather on the handle gets stretched out.
  12. hnmmm, i thought maybe the leather is so dry that it shriveled up or something. maybe it was sitting in the warehouse for too long.
  13. Hey didi,
    Wow, you sure have some kinda luck with Cornflower, don't you??:sad:
    I'm happy that you're going to be able to exchange it, and that Elizabeth is being so cool. However, maybe the Universe is telling you to try another color! Just another example of how 'all-over-the-place' quality control is.

    What are you going to exchange this one for? How about a Blue India???:graucho:

  14. HAHA! You are so right bbagbubba. First the rip in my cornflower shrug, and now the scrunchy handles on my cornflower city!!! The good news is that brandi found me a brand new cornflower shrug in Italy and it's on the way to Chicago, then to me.

    I think I SHOULD try a different color! I'm starting to hate cornflower cause it's being associated with all these flaws. Maybe I'll get an ink twiggy or something. :hysteric:
  15. Get the ink, get the ink! :biggrin:

    BTW it looks just like the handles on my 05 rouge when I first got her. But now with some TLC & many many wears, it sort of softens up (more even, but not quite as even as my lovely 06 ink)