Pictures of Rescued Bow Satchel: Mughetto

  1. Hey all,

    the saga of the missing bow satchel has finally ended! Some of you may have read that Saks messed up my order and sent me on a wild goose chase for the missing bow satchel! DH came to the rescue and she arrived yesterday. Here are some pictures. Unfortunately, there are no modeling picts since I'm stuck at home while it drizzles in LA!
    More pictures to come!

    The color is Mughetto and best described as a blush pink. It's really close to a very light mauve and the pictures are pretty accurate, color wise. I've shorten the strap which is very easy to do.

    Questions for TPFers: Where do I find the Made in Italy tag? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

    Also, there's a very small ink mark on the front of the purse. Makes me suspect that the SA may have accidentally brushed her pen against the bow when tallying the purchase. It's very small (less than half an inch) but extremely annoying. Should I call Saks again to fuss? They are already refunding the shipping charges since they messed up my address.

    Anyways, here's the purse.

    PS: I added some text to the picts cos' I didn't want some resellers using them to sell fakes! I know it looks stupid but I don't want somebody tricking buyers with my picts (even if they are lousy)! ;)
    IM000010.jpg IM000014.jpg
  2. I recieved mine today as well, but it's scratched in front. The display in SF was also slightly damaged, I don't even know what to do, but I really like the colour!
  3. I wouldnt accept a bag with pen marks at that price....UNLESS it was on sale
  4. Dear Fayewolf,

    the blush is now considered a really hot color. So Saks told me to return it if I don't like it but they would not give an additional discount. :sad:

    Cos' they reason that somebody will buy it upon its return even with minor scratches.

    It is now sold out in many stores. I've been calling stores like crazy (long distance bills...yikes). Display pieces are available in some stores but the SA was very hesitant about their condition.

    DH said that the pen mark will probably fade into the leather and that's true.

    I am posting more pictures. The little puppy dog's expression reflects the damage to my bank account! ;p

    Let me know what you think of the pen mark. Post pictures of your purse if you are unsure about your decision to keep it.
    doggy with miu miu.jpg doggy with miu miu 2.jpg pen mark close up.jpg shortened strap.jpg pen mark.jpg
  5. linpaddy -- where is the pen mark located on the bag? Aren't we all just having fun with scratches, marks, gah -- I was at Neiman's yesterday and the way people were pawing those bags, I'm amazed they look as good as they do.
    I'd be annoyed about the pen mark too -- am trying to think what I've done (you could try one of those artist gum erasures and don't RUB, just blot with it -- the stretchy ones that are grey in color -- do you know what I mean?)
  6. Hi linpaddy,

    I'll take pictures tomorrow to show you all, mine is worse than yours :sad:

    How come you have to call around the stores? They can't do a search for you on the computer? That's what the SA told me, and he also told me there were like 40 of them in the system...

    i am thinking strongly about getting the black.
  7. Hi Fayewolf,

    my pen mark isn't that noticeable. It's very small and on the back of the bag. I really think that the SA accidentally marked it. Post your picts so we can see how bad the scratch looks. Maybe it's not that terrible except to us. :smile:

    As for your previous comment about people pawing the bags. Oh my gosh, that's so funny but true. I saw a woman nonchalantly dripping water from her sweaty cold cup of coke onto a beige bow at Barneys. I did see a blush that was returned to Barneys and it was all scratched up. I was kinda shocked to see the SA preparing it back for sale on the floor but it was gone within the hour.

    I'm thinking about the black bow too. But I already have a small black purse with a similar top flat design. I have to say that the leather on the very much cheaper purse is fantastic and very tough.

    I know that some TPFers may disagree with me but there are lots of purses out there, much much cheaper than Miu Miu in very good quality. Hee, but they are just not the same as a real Miu Miu! But I wouldn't feel so bad if I banged up a cheaper purse and although the blush bow is gorgeous, I'm scratching my head as to how I'm going to keep it pristine.

    My friend has it in brown and loves how it weathers over time. But I'm not sure if the blush will look good banged up!

    Do you think it's excessive to buy the bow in more than one color? The black is gorgeous though and will never never go on sale. I really really want it! It was my first choice!

    Miu Miu bow satchels are really gorgeous and I want one in every color!

    I know that this is a super long post but I'm stuck indoors while it rains in LA!
  8. I'll post pictures omorrow, it's freezing here in SF too!! Raining SO hard today, I went to my violin lesson lugging my instrument in the rain, lightning, thuner, it wasn't funny at ll!

    Anyways, I love the bow bag so much I don't think having 2 colors is over the top at all!!! I love the brown one too, but I think the blush or black will go with my wardrobe alot better. I am very sloppy, maybe I shouldn't get the blush.....what do you think about the aluminio?
  9. I hope you were NOT lugging your bow in the rain! ;p I heard it was raining really heavily in SF!

    You are right about having the bow in more than one color! I usually buy different colors in clothes and shoes if I like the style. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to fashion. Hee.

    I would love the bow in aluminio. It's such a gorgeous neutral color. However, I'm not sure whether it'll go with my spring/summer outfits. Plus, I'm too lazy to hunt it down since it's sold out everywhere. But if you can find it, it's a lovely all year round purse.

    I'm so tempted to get the bow in black. But I think DH will notice bows in different colors since he has a nagging suspicion that they are not cheap.

    But I have a very strong feeling that the bow is here to stay. Who knows if Miu Miu would make this in linen or velvet? It's a perfect balance of sweet and practical.

    I never used to consider Miu Miu (sorry, coffer fans :yes:) until I saw the bow in real life.
    So to cut a long email short (I'm still stuck at home), I want a bow in black.

    And I'm keeping the blush cos' I don't know if Miu Miu would have a similar color again.
  10. No way taking my bow out on a rainy day!!! At first I thought you meant my violin bow, and I'm like... you gotta have a bow to play!?!?!?


    ANyways, I'm keeping the pink for as long as I can to make a decision. I have the grey right now, I'll take pic this afternoon when I come back from martial arts :smile:

    My dh has no clue how much the bag is, but he suspect that it's expensive too. I have some miu miu shoes that I acquired at steep discount, so he think I got them on sale. :smile:
  11. I have a bow in talco, and I have ordered a Cleaner from Lovinmybags for it, because I was so afraid by getting it dirty. I was twice wearing the bag messenger style with a dark coat and alwas caught a little bit darkness under the 2 O at the back side. The cleanser got it absolutly away, and made it new again.
    I dont know, if it helps with pencil scratches, but for daily use of a light bag is it a must!
  12. linpaddy, can you post some picture modeling the purse? I'm seriously changing my mind everyday between the pink and black!

    Have you taken it out to a spin yet? If so, is it stressful to use a light color purse like this? Actually, this pink is prob not as difficult to maintain as the other nude color since this is slightly darker... thoughts?
  13. I'll post picts when I get back from work.

    I'm not so much afraid of stains (cos' I work with mostly guys and they tend to stay clear of my purses) but of rain!!

    I never put my purses on the floor even if that means I have to share my chair with them.

    Pink is relatively easier to maintain, I think. I adore beige nude colors and always end up having accidents.

    However, I also take the bus to work versus driving (need to do my part for the environment). But rain is always more scary.

    Bow will stay at home today cos' it may rain in LA!
  14. You are so good!!! I'm a slop, BIG time slop. I dont' put my purses on the floor usually, but I spill things over them, knock things over, etc.... but honestly, the pink just look much nicer (IMO) because it shows the details of the bow and it's so girly!! :smile:
  15. linpaddy i love the blush pink colour of your bag!! i was always debating about the bow satchel but the blush pink looks perfect with it!!!

    and about the "made in italy" tag, i'm not sure if you've found it already, the "made in italy" tag in my miu miu nappa spring is in the inside pocket..when you pull out the lining of the inside pocket it's quite obvious, at the seam of one of the sides..i hope you're not confused here..:winkiss::winkiss::winkiss: