PICTURES of really WOW truffle and olive green

  1. Daphne is just incredible. I hate to keep saying it, but she really is. she searches through everything and digs out incredible bags. She sent my Mom these 2 bags on consignment. Daphne was never thrilled with truffle and neither was I but she found this truffle that she said was very different from the others she has seen. Perfect thick leather, and the color is lighter, like Cafe and carmel had a baby. I am in love with the truffle and the olive. The leather on both is thick and yummy. Now the battle begins because so is my Mom. :p I think I will end up with one of them at least.

    Here is the '05 olive green:
    pic001.jpg pic011.jpg pic014.jpg pic020.jpg pic028.jpg
  2. Here is truffle Day. I love the truffle in this style. They were made for each other. This bag is just gorgeous. :love: Pictures don't do it justice and oh the leather....thick and so smooshy.:heart:
    pic017.jpg pic016.jpg pic032.jpg pic036.jpg
  3. Both of those bags are so pretty!!! :smile:
  4. wow!!! the truffle looks it...
  5. They are AMAZING! :yes:
    I already noticed them in your previous thread. Good Good choice:graucho:
  6. both are beautiful!
  7. Powder - looking at your bags just made my heart beat that little bit faster. I absolutely ADORE the truffle! It's one of my all time favourite colours and the leather on the Day you have is simply To Die For....:drool: *in bag heaven*
  8. That truffle is stunning!
  9. AMAZING! I love the olive green!:love:
  10. Come one MRG;) Powder you are tempting me to keep my Olive Day.:graucho:
  11. I love these 2 colors!!!!Lucky Girl!!!
  12. Lovely.
  13. Very pretty bags. That leather looks delicious.
  14. I love the olive Day!!!
  15. Thanks girls, I love them both. I think she is keeping the olive :crybaby: but letting me have the truffle. I am going to call tomorrow and see if Daphne can find anymore olives that are as pretty as that one. Oh well at least I can borrow it once in a while! :p