Pictures of Outlet Purchase

  1. Okay, I finally figured out how to post the pictures of my outlet purchase. (Purse forum newbie!) from my trip from South Dakota (where we have NO Coach stores, outlets, stores that sell Coach!!:crybaby: So, I ventured down to Florida where (as I think someone else put it "popped my outlet virginity:love:") Here are my new treasures!:happydance:

    P.S. I think I may be having TOO much fun with these little smiley people too!

  2. They look beautiful! Congrats!
  3. Very nice!! I realy like that brown color! I'm making a trip to the outlet (3 hr. drive) hopefully this weekend, if you don't mind me asking,...... what were the outlet prices compared to regular prices? Will it be worth my drive?

  4. Beeeautiful!! Congrats :tup:
  5. I found the Ergo for about 305.00 regularly 548.00 (it was marked down and then 30 percent off!) and the duffle was about 125.00 reg 249.00(same thing!) I definitely found that the prices were worth it. My friend bought the black ergo at a boutique last month and paid full price.

    My suggestion is that if you find something you might like, carry it around and decide because you may turn around and its gone! (happened to me!):cursing:
  6. Thanks for the info!!!................I wasn't to sure what would be best thing to do, Macy's about 1hrs. drive has bags clearenced at 25% off but there probably won't be to much to choose from!.........I believe i'm going to the outlet!!:love:.....
  7. ]Your Welcome! I had a great time and hope you will too. Let us know what you get!!
  8. Great deals. I absolutely love the ergo, I have one in turquoise, you will love it!
  9. Love the Ergo!
  10. Great bags and the scarves are really pretty on them!! I wish we had an outlet in South Dakota! Sioux Falls would be good! :graucho:
  11. Love that Ergo especially the color. I just don't know if I would get one for me because it doesn't zip and doesn't have a flap. I'm leery of open-topped bags.

  12. I thought about that too. The bag is pretty big though and so it would take a total upside "move" to dump it out. Haven't had any problems. Of course, I've only had it
    7 days.:lol: Fell in love with it because its very comfortable to carry and is sooo soft. Like the SA said at the store, "its like butta!":winkiss:

  13. I like how you think!!!!:tup:
  14. Congrats! I like the color of that Ergo.
  15. I love them both! Congrats!