pictures of nuage...(2nd time lucky...)

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  1. Here are the pictures now.

    1. The lovely new paddy.

    2. A family shot.
    nuage4.jpg chloe-fam.jpg
  2. WOW - what a beautiful color :drool: This a great addition to your lovely collection!
  3. Love your family portrait!
  4. All of them are really lovely... :yes:but I choose the Bay...:graucho:
  5. YEAH babee! Beautiful!!! Love the color assortment.
  6. Thanks very much girls.

    The nuage is really gorgeous, i am so pleased with it.

    I was planning on selling mousse when I bought nuage (it was my way of breaking the news to my husband that I was buying another bag!), as I was thinking I preferred the metallic blue to the mousse. But seeing all the bags together, mousse goes so much better than the blue. I don't know what to do :confused1:
  7. That color is amazing! I've been eyeing it myself and now I have to have it! I'm sad that it's no longer showing on Diabro, though. :sad:

    Congrats on the new bag. It is very lovely.
  8. Rubylola, I loved your new bag so much that I ordered a baby Paddington in Nuage! Will post pics once she comes! :yahoo:
  9. Loving the family portrait...maybe I need a lighter color......:graucho:
  10. Lovely collection! What color is that light blue one in the front?
  11. WoW!Great bags!
  12. Love the colour of the nuage!! lovely collection you got there!
  13. Thanks everyone :love:

    Mlm congratulations on a baby nuage. It will be delicious!

    Jadegurl the one that looks light blue at the front is mousse which is grey/blue (some say grey/green). I think it has come out fairly true to life- I took the picture right beside the window with the flash, so in other lights it would probably look a slightly deeper shade.
  14. Those are some beautiful bags you have! nuage really is such a pretty color a great addiction to your collection. oh! I so want those 2 blue paddies in the front! :p
  15. Ooh nuage is soooo pretty colour, I bet it's great all around year as it's so neutral. Congrats!

    You have gorgeous collection, I'm loving the family picture! :love: