Pictures of New Straw Wristlet in Vermillion

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  1. I think this is adorable and it is a nice size. My SA said someone who worked there got in 2 different colors and I can understand why now. I took back my fragrance print brush bag and got this instead which I can get more wear out of it. You can also take the chain off if you do not chose to use it.

  2. Those are too cute! I only got to hold one in the store last weekend (before their "official" release). I think it is super cute and perfect for summer.
  3. that is gorgeous!! thank you for the pics!
  4. This is adorable no questions asked. I love it!!!! the size is really large. You must take pictures of your things in it. Congrats and Enjoy.
  5. Things....I need things for inside...must go buy some more new things for my bag. :upsidedown:

    Thank you for your compliments and I was surprised at how big it is.
  6. It IS cute in person!
    Make sure to post pics when you fill it with goodies!
  7. I really like the vermillion irl, my favorites are the bark and the gold,though.
  8. beautiful wristlet jan! and you have the legacy turnlock in white as well.

    our store didn't get these so i didn't get to see it IRL. thanks! :smile:
  9. so cute! that's an impressive size too! perfect!
  10. so cute!
  11. So cute! I was hoping the vermilion would match my graduation dress, but alas, it's too orange. My credit card is relieved!
  12. That is so cute, thank you for posting pics.
  13. Thank you! I wish I could get one in every color and the grass one looks pretty too.

    Ms-Whitney-our store does not get any legacy in either and I wish we did. I used it for size reference but just adore that wristlet also and cannot wait to use it.
  14. Wow...those are so cute. I really like the vermillion. It's a beautiful color.
  15. both are lovely! congrats!