Pictures of new miu miu purse and wallet

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  1. Hello all,

    I scored at the Saks sale last week and here are my purchases. I don't know what the purse is called but this is what it says on the card:

    Color: Sabbia
    Group name: Vitello

    The leather is distressed on the edges and really pretty! However, I can't figure the lock so any help is appreciated! :smile:

    Since I bought the purse on sale, I figured that I'll treat myself to a full price red continental wallet. The leather is so silky smooth and gorgeous! And yes, it's scarlet red! ;p
    miu miu side.jpg red wallet.jpg miu miu front closeup.jpg miu miu front.jpg side close up.jpg
  2. Great purchases, The colour of that wallet is amazing! Congrats!
  3. Congrats on your lovely purchases!!! I :heart: Miu Miu
  4. congrats!
    love them
  5. great catch,congratulations!
  6. Good for you !!!
  7. What a beauty! I love love love the wallet. Excellent taste!
  8. congrats!! love the wallet!! i have the same one (not patent though) in white calfskin! my 2006 christmas present to self haha!

  9. linpaddy
    ur miumiu bag looks really similar as my pink one...(but mine is with strap)
    i think they are from the same line...
    now i know why u asked me to post more close up photos:p

    congrats on ur purchases...they are beautiful!!!
  10. congrats! the wallet looks yum! :drool:
  11. beautiful! Esp the wallet..congrats.