Pictures of new 2007 "shiny" paddy padlock......

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  1. Hi All :flowers:

    I just received my brand new Muscade 2007 Paddington from Net-a-Porter and wanted to share my pic of the new "improved" padlock with you :yes:

    I hope you can make out the shininess from the pic. Basically the padlock is not "sprayed" bronze anymore and is actually solid - does that make sense?

    My first impression was that it looks more like all those fake padlocks we warn against :push: But now I have examined it, I actually think it is better then the old padlock because I don't think the colour will chip or rub off :p

    What do you all think? Has anyone else seen these new padlock IRL?:shrugs:

    BTW, the paddy itself is just wonderful! I know there some 2007 bags have stiff, thin leather but this one is honestly just dreamy! :love:

  2. Wow, very very pretty!!!!! I see the shininess you speak of, but hey, if it's not going to chip, then that's a good thing!!!
  3. That is gorgeous! I am a bit biased though - I only received my Muscade last week. I love it!
  4. What a beautiful bag!
  5. Wow, that looks like amazing leather, congrats - it's a beautiful bag!:smile:
  6. That's a beautiful color.
  7. Wow! The leather looks delicious!
  8. What an AMAZING Bag! :heart:

    You scored big time on this one :yahoo:
  9. More pics please! :idea:
  10. What a beautiful bag!
  11. Gorgeous bag! The leather looks so scrumptious :heart:

    In comparing the shininess with the fakes though, I think it is a different shininess. The authentic shininess looks like a glow from within, like the metal is the right colour, an antiqued kind of gold, but its a gorgeous rich sheen; whereas the fakes just look shiny on the outside and the colour looks cheap and bright.
  12. I got my muscade from NAP last week, and I noticed the same thing about the lock, and I think it probably is an improvement, but I have to say that I have had pretty good luck with the locks on my paddies so far. No chipping or major scratching at all! :shrugs: I think the muscade is a gorgeous color...a true medium brown without any yellow or reddish cast. Enjoy! :yahoo:

  13. ITA :yes:

    Oh I love this bag so much! The leather and colour are just wonderful :heart: Thank you for your nice comments :flowers:

    I will add some more pics at the weekend :yes:
  14. You've done well :smile:

    Muscade is definitely next on my list!
  15. Very nice! :biggrin:

    I suppose the brass is lacquered, is it?

    In which case, you should still try to be careful not to bash it, as it may tarnish in spots/patches if the lacquer is damaged.