Pictures of my Whiskey Ali...LONG overdue!

  1. Sorry we decided to do without the internet for awhile, so I've been trying to stay off as much as possible but I have been dying to post pictures of my beauty!

    I also wanted to say that I put the apple leather conditioner on her last night and she is a tad darker but now she doesn't scratch nearly as easily! Lucky for me I did because RIGHT after I finished the last section my precious baby boy threw a cup of water on her! No stains though but mama almost had a heart attack, he's already scratched it (but they rubbed right out!). Here she is pre-conditioner!

    I carry all my makeup etc in a pink makeup bag which I didn't take a picture of lol.

    I also have to say I can not get over how much this baby holds all my stuff fits and then some! Hands down THE best bag EVER. I'm soooooooo loving her. Definitely worth EVERY penny. I've totally gotten use to the weight of her too, she doesn't feel nearly as heavy as when I first got her. Love, love, love this bag!!!!!
  2. Gorgeous ! I have ali in black leather but really want one or something in whiskey.
  3. Your Ali is beautiful. I think your wallet with the hearts is cute!
  4. I have the same ali, and I love her :biggrin: I wish I could use her now, but the weather is really bad here right now. I am afraid to use anything on it though. She is a beauty!
  5. :sad:Me too. I bought it in BLACK and everytime I see somebody post a picture of theirs in WHISKEY...I kick myself :push:that I did not buy both...(that outlet deal in December was out of this was like 2 for the price of 1:nuts:)
  6. Gorgeous bag! I especially love your Fossil wallet! My best friend has the EXACT same wallet, it's soooo cute! :love:
  7. ooolala!! Beautiful! I have the whiskey also, best bag ever! Your little guy looks so cute in the picture! :tup:
  8. So glad that you love your Ali! I also see you love lip gloss! Meeeee toooo!!
  9. what a beauty!!
  10. Congrats, the leather is SOOO gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous! I love my whiskey Ali, but put it away as the weather has been not so nice around here lately. I Apple'd mine as well and it came out great. Congrats on such a great purchase, and enjoy it.
  12. i was wondering where you went! don't you just loooove her?? she's so pretty! i need more ali's!!
  13. PPPRRRREEETTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I luv everything in Whiskey. It's the best neutral color ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I love it!!! I am hoping to score it at the outlet.
  15. Your bag looks great. I used Apple on my black leather Ali and it worked well. I agree with you, the Ali is the best bag ever!!!!