pictures of my striping bowler

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  1. i'm in a picture happy mood, and since there's been a lot of talk about the striping line lately, i figured i would post these. again, the color is off. the actual color is a bit darker.

    i really loved this line. here's hoping i can get my hands on the chili trish to round off the collection!

    striping bowler.jpg striping bowler 2.jpg
  2. it's beautiful. i love it!!!
  3. < JEALOUS! :hysteric:
  4. I love it!!!
  5. Love the striping bowler! I own it too and get a ton of compliments when I use it. The striping line was great!
  6. I love it. I want one! I'd break my spending freeze if I could find one somewhere!!
  7. Thanks for the eye candy, I LOVE this line too! The designs on these bags are all so so perfect :heart:
  8. The striping line is so amazing. Thanks for posting pics tadpole, it's gorgeous!! :tup::nuts:
  9. Gorgeous!! I'm really starting to warm up to these! It only took me a year to catch up. :p
  10. oh why oh why won't marc bring these back to life!!! I will be visiting this thread often just to see kim's pics of her beautiful bag...:love:

    if you ever need someone to babysit that gorgeous bag, let me know!
  11. Just beautiful!!!! I wish I could get my hands on one of those:girlsigh:....
  12. a beauty!
  13. so beautiful! i'm hitting myself over the head because i didn't get one in time. aren't they sold out everywhere?
  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag....what I wouldn't do to get's beautiful!
  15. A joy to behold!!