Pictures of my small but cute Betty family

  1. I just wanted to share my latest addition with you - a new season SS07 Betty in Fox :love:

    She is pictured here with my original, first season Medium Betty in Chocolate. I think they look so cute together! :cutesy:

    The leather on the Fox is so different to the Chocolate - it is a very thick, washed leather which has a very viintage look and feel to it :drool:

    Thanks for letting me share :flowers:


  2. :heart: CUTE:heart: thanks for sharing!!! :flowers:

    btw: how's the 2007 leather compared to the 2006? still swooshy? O.O
  3. ^^^The leather is so different on the two bags. The leather on the 07 bag is very thick and soft and is washed so much more vintage/distressed looking than the 05/06.

    It looks and feels just like Prada's washed leather actually :yes:
  4. How gorgeous!
  5. wow, gorgeous bags. I love the Betty, thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  6. Wow, both lovely. V. admirable!:heart: The leather looks great.
  7. oh i love that washed leather look! they're both scrumptous!
  8. :nuts: Balchlfen, you have an amazing Chloe collection! :heart: Very nice!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Beautiful! :drool:
  10. Love them!
  11. Congrats Bal. They look one happy family!

    Sisters, Sisters - oops went off on a signing tangent there!

    Congrats again!
  12. Very cute!!
  13. Really nice I really like the fox do you think the silverado on diabro is the same color? It looks yellower but...?
  14. Do you mean the one posted on the other thread? It says it is "Fox" but the colour looks off to me. My pics show it exactkly how it is. But did you see the LVR pics of Mais?? :yucky: A million miles away from what it looks like IRL :push:
  15. Yep I meen that one, that's the dangerous thing with onlinebuying the price is just amazing...but I am a bid too afraid to risk it really don't want to be stuck with a yellow/yellow bag!!!!:yucky: