Pictures of my popincourt

  1. Finally I took photos of my popincourt, my frist lv. I finally got around to posting pics. I love it and I have only seen one person in town with one. Glad I went with the pop. It was either the pop or a speedy. My next one will be a shoulder bag. Still babying the LV- always put it on a towel on the pass car seat and very anal with where it goes and it it rains, it stays home.
    DSC00137.JPG DSC00140.JPG
  2. 0o0o0o0 thanks so much for sharing!!! its so cute!!! i'm really happy for you!!! :smile:
  3. Cute bag.. My mom has one and she loves it.. How adorable are those balls on the zipper pull!
  4. it's such a cute bag! and i love your nail polish!! :smile:
  5. I love that style, it is so cute!! :love:
  6. I'm in LOVE! Yea, I agree with you, I love knowing when I am one of the select few that has something! That's why I love boutique shopping.

    Congrats!! I'm so envious! It's so BEAUTIFUL!!
  7. Congrats - its adorable. I just got the Pop Haut and love it!
  8. My next bag is going to be the popincourt. I love it!! You made a great choice!
  9. So cute!
  10. Very adorable. I have only seen one here MN too!
  11. Love the bag and your ring!:lol:
  12. it's cute im lovin mine
  13. SWEET Bag! Thanks for posting pics.
  14. Congrats! That is one cute bag!!
  15. It's so cute!