Pictures of my Partition

  1. Do I need to get this authenticated? I absolutely love it!!
    March-April 2006 007.jpg March-April 2006 008.jpg March-April 2006 009.jpg March-April 2006 010.jpg March-April 2006 011.jpg March-April 2006 012.jpg March-April 2006 013.jpg March-April 2006 014.jpg
  2. Also, where can I find the datecode? TIA! :flowers:
  3. The date code is in the little red patch pocket inside the front snap compartment (very difficult to read), you need to hold it at the right angle against the light, but you will find it. I LOVE mine, although it took some time getting used to carrying it as it is quite big. It is my first wristlet and after a while ,I found so many ways to use it. I'm pretty sure yours is authentic, I bought mine at the LV boutique. BTW, this style has been discontinued, so enjoy !
  4. Thanks! I'm sitting with a flashlight and looking at it now.
  5. I 'm guessing it was made in 2003/04, that's when it was discontinued, although there are still a few floating in the stores.
  6. Congrats! It's cute.:biggrin::flowers:

  7. Ugh, I'm having no luck with this! Where inside that flap inside pocket should I be looking? Is it heatstamped? I don't see a little tag or anything.
  8. I have one a love it. Thanks for the info on the datecode, I could never find mine before!
  9. Ok, the datecode is not on a vachetta tag like some of the bags, it is heatstamped inside that red alcantara lining, (think that 's what it is called). See the tiny little red pocket inside the front compartment? It is inside and to the side. Try natural lighting, not sure if your flash light would work. Is yours made in France too? BTW how would you use that tiny pocket, can't figure out what it is good for.
  10. It is so cute! Congratulations!!!
  11. Love it! If I could track one down, what is retail on it?
  12. I was at the Soho LV (NYC) today, I think they have one. Give them a call. I bought mine for $350 before tax and before the price hike. I bought this in lieu of the Wapity which I found to be too small. In the end, I still want the Wapity (hee hee, in addition to this), just for my digital camera.
  13. I'll take a look tomorrow when it's still light out- thanks for your patience. You're right, it IS incredibly difficult!

    I guess I'd use that pocket if a button got loose or something. I don't want to stretch it out!

    Any ideas on how to get rid of the mothball smell?
  14. Very cute. What are you going to use it for? Are you just going to use it to carry stuff inside of a larger bag?
  15. I think there is a thread in this forum on how to get rid of smells.....maybe someone else can help? I like the smell of Cedar Blocks. I use them for storing my cashmeres instead of moth balls. To get a fresh scent, just sand it slightly. I like the fact that it is a natural scent (no chemicals).