pictures of my new zip clutch!

  1. i recently won a grey zip clutch on eBay from a fellow tpf'er (lovekoobabags) and since she lives local, her and i decided to meet up at our mall to do the money/zc exchange. we met this morning. she was so friendly and sweet; such a nice person. just want to let you know kara that i enjoyed meeting you and i absolutely love my new zc! ive been craving something grey for awhile; im still on the hunt of a grey quilted venetia - if it even exsists! thanks again :yahoo:,94828807,94829094,94829115,94829137,94829164,94829190,94829211,94829237,94829265,94829295&formats=0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0&format=0
  2. Very pretty, Jackie!!!
  3. It is very pretty!
  4. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!
  5. Love That Wallet!! Congrats!!!
  6. One word: Stunning!!!
  7. ok jackie, now i'm jealous!! you know grey is my joint!
  8. ^^ grey is totally the new black :party:
  9. hah its true.
  10. what great taste you have. i have the same one. ;) we'll rock 'em both this weekend.
  11. The pleasure was all mine! It was great to meet you and I'm glad you were able to get this gorgeous wallet!! I'm always happy when "one of us" gets a good one. Wear it well my dear - I've been thinking about your black quilted ZC all day actually - that was so lovely too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edited to add: Now you all have seen pictures of my ZC too ... LOL ... I bought two and those are ma pics! LOL ;)
  12. Gorgeous ZC Jackie!! How wonderful that you two could each benefit. Congrats!!
  13. thanks ladies, your all so sweet :love: i feel like im cheating on my black zc since i put her back in her dustbag, away in the closet.
  14. very nice!!
  15. congrats jackie!