Pictures of my new whiskey paddington!!

beautiful stranger

The Original Angel
Nov 27, 2005
Hi there,
just got my new whiskey paddignton from Chloe London :smile: just walked in and found a new shipment JUST recieved the day before ... walked out with this new baby :smile:


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It's GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait for the NM shipment!.... Is it more orange than in your picture in real life, rust? Curious, want to buy a pair of shoes in a similar color but I need to know if there is more tan or more orange in it?.
thanks everyone :smile:
the color isnt really orangy like i expected .. its more of a very light brown ... i realy wanted the tan but they said its not coming in till the summer and i was like nope i cant wait that long hahah ... but i do not regret the color at all!! it is amazing!!!!!
Absolutely beautiful and what luck to be able to find it in the shop. Those of us who ordered from NM will have to wait until hoo.... Anyway congrats on the bag and thanks for the pixs.:biggrin: