Pictures of my new wallet!

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  1. For once, I went into Saks and came out with what I actually went in for, but of course I picked up a few new things as well! So I purchased this beautiful Chanel wallet, and I absolutely love it! Plus, with tax, it only came to $305! I didn't really know who to show it to, so I thought why not post on the PF because I'm just so excited! Saks also had some great stuff on sale, and I got a pair of Seven jeans for $50! I've needed a great day like this one..
    Picture 162.jpg Picture 164.jpg Picture 165.jpg Picture 166.jpg Picture 163.jpg
  2. Excuse my stuff inside, I changed wallets as soon as I got in the car!
  3. That's a lovely wallet! I like that it resembles the classic flap bag.
  4. What a pretty wallet! Enjoy!
  5. Congratulations!
  6. WOW!!!!!! Great price for Chanel...LOVE IT!!!
  7. I know, I thought it would atleast be in the 400s. When the SA told me the price, I blatantly said how I was thinking it would be 500! but she was nice and just laughed. She was one of the SAs that I was really happy about her getting my commission!
  8. I LOVE it! It is so beautiful! How much was the wallet before tax? Did you have any discounts on it? I think that's a great price for Chanel!!! And you bought Sevens for only $50???? What Saks did you go to? LOL...I love Sevens!

    Enjoy your great purchases...they're lovely!
  9. Love your new Chanel wallet!! Sounds like you had a super shopping day ... don't you just love days like that?
  10. Congratulations on your purchase! Isn't it fun to find just what you want???? I love Chanel wallets and have two now. One similar to yours except I have a small zippered coin part inside and one in caviar with lambskin inside and I LOVE them! Enjoy!!!!
  11. Fabulous wallet! I love the quilted leather! It's very rich looking! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful wallet. Congratulations!!!
  13. Very pretty and sophisticated wallet! Congrats!
  14. Its gorgeous! ;)
  15. love the style
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