Pictures of my new vegas paddington!

  1. Here's my new (to me!) Vegas paddington bag which arrived today from eBay. :yahoo:
    I'd love to hear your thoughts!







    PS: Please excuse the background.... it used to be my lovely satin bedding, before the cats got their claws into it (literally!)
  2. OMG. Seriously. That is HOT. Love it! :love:
  3. lovely!
  4. Gorgeous!!!! I:heart: it!!!
  5. Fabulous - congrats - you must be sooooo pleased
  6. That is one stunning bag. I bet you'll get tons of compliments on it!
  7. Yay! Gorgeous! :love:
  8. Wow, Vic, I cant get over how great it looks. You did the deal of the year there for sure :yahoo: .

    Congrats, it really is gorgeous, you are definitely becoming a Chloe addict :biggrin:
  9. Beautiful! Very glam;)
  10. it looks amazing, congrats!!!
  11. I love it - totally over the top glamorous! I want one!!!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Congrats, gorgeous bag, very hard to find now!
  14. Super-Fantastic!!!

    Your pics are sooo much better than the auctions, LOL
  15. GOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!! ive fallen in love, my fav paddy by faaaar xx