Pictures of my new purchases! *warning graphic heavy*

  1. Today I picked up my new digital camera so I can finally take pictures! Plus I stopped in Prada and took a beautiful wallet home with me! I'm completely inlove with it. :love: It's so soft and the leather is gorgeous. :tender:

    Ok on with the pictures! (sorry I rushed to take these so they may not be that good, still need time to get used to this camera.)

  2. What a fabulous trio!!:graucho: :graucho:
  3. absolutely perfect.. excellent choices, they are all GORGEOUS! congratulations!
  4. wow! i am envious of your collection! beautiful!
  5. Beautiful! Which have you carried already?
  6. I am jealous. Great choices.
  7. Beautiful, especially the new prada bag. Enjoy your purchases.
  8. Ok..Now we have matching Prada bags...AND I AM GETTING THAT SAME WALLET THIS WEEK!!LMAO!!OMG TOO FUNNY!
  9. I thought you were at the beach, Jill.:shrugs:
  10. Wow, your purchases are beautiful!
    The colours on all of the bags are so rich! Totally TDF!
    Congrats, and thanx for posting!
  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats!! :smile:
  12. Love the wallet Audrey!!! That one is alot better looking than the zip around one. Good choice!! Congrats again.
  13. Thanks so much guys! I really love these bags. :love:
  14. They are beautiful bags! Congrats!
  15. I have carried both of the bags. They are so roomy inside! I can fit everything I need in them. The only thing I haven't used yet is the wallet. Pictures can not do it justice! It's leather is amazing. :tender: