Pictures of my new plomb/steel day!! <3

  1. Thank you all who helped me choose which color I should get for my new day. Even after I ordered plomb from Daphne at BalNY I was apprehensive about my choice. I was afraid it would be too much like faded black--but when it arrived today I saw that I was clearly wrong. I'm so glad I chose plomb because it's a beautiful darker charcoal gray with dark blue undertones that imo can never be mistaken for pure black. Anyway, here are some pictures! There's three to show how it can almost look black, gray, and bluish. Thanks again for all the help!

  2. Congrats! She's HOT! Enjoy her~
  3. Oh wow you got it fast. It's gorgeous!!! AHHHHH I want a Steel bag soooooooo badly!!!! Okay I am getting it!!!
  4. Gorgeeeous!
  5. its quite bluey but looks delish! congrats!
  6. Oh yeah how is the leather on this one? Did they pick a good one for you? Is it soft and buttery!?!?
  7. ^the leather on this is wonderful--daphne did a great job picking it. it's just as soft and smooshy as my 05 chocolate twiggy!
  8. Oh I have an 05 Chocolate Twiggy too!!! Haha seems like we have the same taste!!! :yes:
  9. Wow, that's gorgeous. I love how the color changes with the light!
  10. Gorgeous! This color really is what I thought Anthra was going to be. It has sort of a subtle metallic sheen in certain light. Congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Yummy bag :drool: CONGRATS :yahoo:
  12. Beautiful!! The more I see pics of plomb, the more I love it. :love: The color looks so sophisticated!! Congrats on your gorgeous new day!! :yahoo:
  13. beautiful !!! congrats on the new bag! :heart:
  14. Fei it's one scrumptious day. The leather looks so buttery :p. The color plomb looks multi deminsional... Just Beautiful! CONGRATS:woohoo:
  15. BEAUTIFIUL BAG! And thanks for being so descriptive w/ the specific colors of your purchase! :smile: