pictures of my new light grey multipocket!

  1. i just won this light grey multipocket from eBay - for $426! :smile: she arrived yesterday, BNWT, and shes beautiful, but im going to keep her in her dustbag until the spring since i feel that the color is too light for the winter. the gold hardware looks awesome against the grey. also, im posting pictures of my updated collection below. enjoy! :love:




    (^^ bordeaux blake, chestnut hudson, black venetia, light grey multipocket, black ZC, grey ZC, indigo patchwork key pouch, and a black quilted bev clutch)
  2. you got it already! congrats. it's so pretty. it looks awesome with your sleeve. :graucho: jackie, your collection is beautiful. you have great taste. those are the most sophisticated and classy mj bags.
  3. ^^ its all about class baby! hah. as a joke, i got "classy" tattooed on the back of my neck last year.

    but thanks kim! i know my collection is very small, but i LOVE all 4 of my bags; i couldnt part with any of them, honestly.

    the guy who i won the MP from lives in brooklyn, and he overnighted the bag to me so i got her yesterday morning! he was real nice, but he said he wasnt affiliated with MJ at all, so that rumor wasnt true. oh well!

    next bag: something quilted!
  4. What a beautiful collection you have! Congrats on your new multipocket!
  5. yay! congrats on your new bag! was you that won! yippee! that definitely looks like gold hardware to me!
  6. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous tattoos, the sleeve.
  7. She looks gorgeous, loving your collection!
  8. Beautiful, love it and all of your bags!!
  9. I love the gold hardware with that grey. It really stands out. Love your collection.
  10. Your new bag is pretty and I love your collection, simply classic. Can you tell me what the color of the interior is for the new gray bag?

  11. Wow!!! Congrats. Your new bag is gorgeous. I love how the gold hardware stands out (I'm sure it's more striking in person!). It looks great on you as well. And another wow for your fabulous MJ family. I love your collection...truly classics!!!
  12. I love the color! :love: Congratulations!
  13. Its great that that guy turned out to be legit. I was scared of him at first. Did anyone else score a ZC from him, or the other MP?
  14. the description on the auction said the hardware was nickel, but after inspecting the pictures, i emailed the seller and sure enough, it was a mistake on his part and it turned out the hardware was infact gold, so i had to bid :smile:

    shes so pretty - i cant wait to take her out this spring! :love:
  15. the interior is a dark grey suede. to die for :biggrin: