Pictures of my new Fabuleux

  1. Okay, I couldn't wait until Sunday and the new digital phone. The pictures are pretty crummy as they were taken on my cell phone, but here they are. Excuse the messy car, which is not worthy of the Fabuleux:

    Also, I am happy to report that I called the LV boutique yesterday and though my SA wasn't in, the one I spoke to apologized and said they would send me a box!


  2. Simply gorgeous!!!! Glad that they're sending you a box.
  3. Beatiful Bag.
  4. Nice! Congrats!
  5. OMG!!! STUNNING!!!:love:
  6. absolutely fab!
  7. This is a Beauty!!!!!!! I am in love, congratulations!
  8. great bag, congrats!
  9. i'm so indredibly jealous. lucky girl! it's beautiful
  10. nice
  11. Beautiful bag! Enjoy!
  12. OMG what a beautiful bag, Congrat's again.
  13. they should def send you a box after paying buying the flagship bag. its a dream!
  14. Wow this is one of my fav bags, congratulations!
  15. Just beautiful! Enjoy her and thanks for the photos!