Pictures of my new Epi wallet - is it a keeper?

  1. To keep or not to keep?? I love everything about it but the price ($465)... just $100 cheaper than the Damier Speedy that I'm getting on June 1st! :blink:
    I'm madly in love with the color though :love:
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg lv3.jpg
  2. I have that wallet too, same colour as well :biggrin:, it's definitely a versatile wallet and plus it's very durable.
    I think you keep it and still get the damier speedy ;)
  3. the wallet would look great with the damier speedy!
  4. if you love it, keep it!!! but if you're hemming and hawing, then wait until day 29...and then exchange it for the damier speedy! hee...
  5. I would keep it!! I have the same wallet in red and my dh in black and it's a very well made wallet. I just love it!!
  6. Love the color!
  7. Gorgeous wallet!

    If you can afford it, keep it!
  8. I agree! If you can afford it keep it! Great color
  9. Keep it!
  10. I've never noticed that wallet before....hmmm...maybe i should get one to match my jasmin!
  11. Keep it! Love the color.
  12. Thanks for the input ladies...:love: I think I might keep it after all, especially since LV might raise their prices soon :blink:
  13. It looks fabulous, you have to keep it. And the color is TDF.
  14. Oooh, I vote to keep it! My one and only LV wallet (excluding any agendas, coin purses and cles') is an Epi PTI in myrtille, and I love it! The color is gorgeous and the wallet will last a good long time; I use mine with everything, but mostly in monogram bags (like my Speedy). It will work great with other Epi bags too, if you already own or decide to invest in one; I just bought a black petit noe in great condition from a fellow boardie and myrtille complements it perfectly. I love my wallet so much I had it stamped with my initials in silver inside! :biggrin:

    It's a beautiful wallet, and I hope you decide to keep it! :love:
  15. I say keep it! The color is TDF. If you end up having any doubt take it back next week...think it over a bit!