Pictures of my new Elastic Leather Stam as promised! <3

  1. Hiya :heart:. Sorry I couldn't get these uploaded sooner, been busy the past few days :yes:. Here are a couple of pics of my new Elastic Leather Stam in Green, I got from Nordstom's the other day. When I saw this darling for just a few dollars over 1k on sale, I jumped at it. Well, not really...I mean I considered it then me and my husband Andrew wanted to go to Chili's for dinner but I made him turn back after we parked in the lot cause I thought about it more and was scared someone would take it before I got back. So, I starved for another 30 mins (please, the bag was more important, lol) then was able to go BACK to Chili's and eat with confidence that my new bag was in our trunk safely being mine. :tup:

    Here ya go, enjoy!



    Thanks for looking!!! xoxo.
  2. Gorgeous! I love that color! Congrats!
  3. Yummmy!! - Congrats!! -- I have the kid in Plum elastic and LOVE the finish and detail on this leather. The green is TDF!!!! And rarely seen - Thanks for the eye candy!:tup:
  4. wow, that green is beautiful. one of my favorite colors! great choice - im sure you'll be getting plenty of compliments! :biggrin:
  5. i see you live on long island also, which Nordies? roosevelt field in garden city? :smile:
  6. yup, that's the one! :heart:
  7. That color is gorgeous!! :love: Congrats!
  8. Wow, I really love your new bag! And on sale too... your husband is awesome for letting you go back to get it!
  9. that color is SO gorgeous, congrats!
  10. yayeeeee..SO happy for that the stam which has a thicker/tougher leather?? i saw one that looked like a metallic deep blue on sale at Saks for 30%..

    the leather feels different from the other ones.. EH. i'm confused.
  11. Beautiful!! Congrats on your new stam!
  12. beautiful color. wow!!
  13. Congrats, great colour :smile:
  14. That is such a gorgeous color!! Congratulations on your new bag!
  15. i love the color! that was a good idea making your husband turn back around for the bag. he sounds like a very understanding guy. there would've been a lot of eye rolling with my boyfriend. haha. congrats!