Pictures of my new batignolles horizontal and speedy 25.

  1. I took alot of pictures maybe it helps people that can't decide! I don't know if i'm allowed to ask this but could somebody maybe donate a sleeper or an box. The box and sleeper i got with my speedy are to small and i really like to store it in a box with sleeper, i'm crazy i know
    IMG_7656.JPG IMG_7645.JPG IMG_7652.JPG IMG_7658.JPG IMG_7655.JPG IMG_7669.JPG IMG_7671.JPG IMG_7670.JPG IMG_7673.JPG IMG_7674.JPG
  2. Great bags!
    I haven't seen the Batignolles IRL, I thought it's HUGE - but it looks just perfect on you, congrats!
  3. Great purchases!! I love them both!!
  4. I love the BH, and that was my 1st LV bag. It looks great on you. It holds a lot! I love the Speedy too! Nice choices!
  5. Congrats! Two of my favorite bags
  6. Great pics!!! Love the bags!! Enjoy!!
  7. Great bags !!!

    Why didn't you ask your SA for bigger sleeper and a box, just showed her/him your receipt..
    Sleeper for speedy is bit small if you expect it to store unfolded..
  8. i did ask but it was really busy so i didn't get them :sad:
  9. I love your bagnolles & speedy! congrats =D
  10. Congrats on two awesome bags! Love em!
  11. Great choices and great pics!!!!
  12. Great purchases, Enjoy!
  13. i love the Batignolles! that's next on my list!
  14. Congrats!
  15. great bags! congrats!