Pictures of my new B.Fendi

  1. As promised, ladies, here're pictures of me and my all-tan calfskin medium B.Fendi. I just took it out of the sleeper to photograph and then put it back again. Haven't had the chance to wear it.



  2. Looks great on you! I love the color. Congrats!
  3. TammyD, you look great with it. Congrats. =)
    I this bag.
  4. Thank you ladies!! Here's me wearing it over my shoulder.

  5. Sorry, it didn't come out well. Here it is again:

  6. Thanks, pursegalsf! I was at first a little :oh: about the color - I meant to get the tan with black buckles one but its everywhere. And then this one came along and it looks cute. I think it's going to be a very versatile bag.
  7. it's looks great on u tammyd! i love both your bag purchases! have you seen the fendi b bag in cream with black buckles? i saw that one irl and it is beautiful too. ur a lucky gal~
  8. WOW_GREAT COLOR! it looks so great on you...congrats..I love that bag!
  9. Thank you love2shop! I only saw the B.Fendi cream/white with black buckles in linen. I don't buy non-leather bags so I didn't think too much about it. But it does look nice.
  10. Tammy!:amazed: THE BAG IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!:love: CONGRATS!!! I can see it being worn with SO MANY dif. outfits!!! GREAT BUY!!!:heart:
  11. Lovely bag that looks great on you! Congrats!
  12. SUPER cute on you, especially in that last pic! I haven't been a fan of the bag in general but yours and the black/black that Reese has really have me thinking... =)
  13. it looks great tammyD, even though i'm not a big B Fendi fan. The leather on it looks yummy! I think I like your blouse the most!! Where did you get it? ;)
  14. Looks great!!!!! Of course I love the all tan/honey B :smile: