Pictures of my new arrivals!!

  1. Ooooh gorgeous - Well done.
  2. Lovely collection, rachiem :tup: I think the Hanover is my favourite - it's stunning, so unusual.

    Now, you'll be a good person to ask - is the arm hole on the Phoebe the same size as on the Annie?

    PS I lurve your fridge, too ;)
  3. Ditab, I have just measured the Annie and Phoebe, side by side and the Phoebes' hole is about an inch or so bigger, but nothing really noticable!!
  4. hahahaha!!! I thought it was a fab fridge too!!!!!!!! But your bags are scrummy too!!!
  5. I love the hanover what a fab colour. :love:

    How about some pic`s on flyvetjo`s modelling thread??
  6. Will try to get some over the weekend, if you guys like I'll model next to the fridge and my long awaited Smeg range cooker!!!
  7. OOh-smeg lovely what colour?:drool:
  8. If you're being serious Tara........
    Brushed metal with cast iron burner "stands"...
  9. Wow, lovely collection. And I'd love to have your kitchen!!
  10. Fab collection. I love the "hot pink" - absolutely yummy!
  11. No seriously you have a fab collection of bags you must have a super wardrobe to match-I`m green with envy :greengrin:
  12. :love::love::love::love:
  13. As much as I'm loving your bags I have to say your kitchen is lovely!! Our kitchen is similar in color scheme but sadly all likeness ends there,yours looks of sumptuos quality and a totally useful space,whereas we are moving soon so we did up our kitchen inexpensively and are leaving behind our B+Q galley behind(hoo bloody ray!)and as well as the thought you've given me over one of your bags ( the divine baby pink one,AND the shocking pink Hanover) I am shamelessly stealing ideas for my kitchen to be,and a Smeg range cooker, sound like a girl after my own heart!I may have to enlist you as an interior designer!!!!
  14. Lovely bags- and kitchen!!!